is automated trading solution for Crypto-Currency

It is prediction software for maximizing your Cryto Holding for Profit. We integrate trading predictor to your account to provide maximum rewards with lowest risk.

Update: 19-Aug-2019 05:36:48
Current BTC @ 10319.0$

Current Position in Trading
Unrealized Profit/Loss : 0.00$
Margin : 116.513$
Tradable Balance : 291.282$
Total Margin Used : 0.000$

Current Asset in Holding
Wallet USD: 0.265$
Wallet btc: 0.000 BTC
Wallet Alt: 0 BTC

Start Date: 10-Sep-2017
Portfolio Invested: 1600 USD
Current Status (USD+BTC+Alt-Coin): 116.5127 USD
Profit/Loss : -92.72%

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